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Hire proven in-demand professionals with a background in your specific industry for a fraction of the cost of a W-2 Employee.

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Savvital in Minneapolis, Minnesota provides only the best virtual professionals that you can get for your business. Let us help you achieve astronomical growth through our exceptional services.

What We Do

We can assist you in hiring proven in-demand professionals with a background in your specific industry for a fraction of the cost of a W-2 employee. This is the future for any business throughout the country.

Why Choose Us

We are a people company, and our team makes sure that we offer only the highest quality of solutions to those who work with us. Our team of educated experts are motivated individuals excited to handle tasks that can bring capacity to your workday.

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If you want to work with our virtual professionals from Pakistan, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Value, Delivered.

Why take on the burden of another W-2 employee from the job boards when you could let our team provide the proper support to your staff? New employees have high acquisition costs associated with training, taxes, and benefits. Allow us to absorb that cost on your behalf and save you thousands of dollars, immediately.

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WHY SAVVITAL? Your Time is Precious

Don’t waste time and money hiring from the job boards. Our rigorous hiring process means only the most talented individuals qualify to serve you. Delegating the proper tasks means more time for the revenue-producing activities designed to scale your business exponentially. Being able to rely on our team to reduce your current workload means better relationships with clients, a better customer experience, and more time with your family.


Industry-Specific Services

Services are designed to align with your organization and industry.

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Customized Onboarding

Fully equipped with understanding your processes and systems to ensure you achieve disruptive growth.


Rigorous Hiring Process

We pick the right resource for you from our extensive talent pool.

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Tech Savvy Assistants

At Savvital, we ensure our employees get the best technical training.

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Affordable Services Plans

Our services will cost you a fraction of what a W-2 employee would cost.

100% University Graduates

We hire the best resources, from the best institutions.

100% University Graduates

We hire the best resources, from the best institutions.


Why choose Pakistan? Well, why not? Pakistan, being one of the fastest developing countries in the world, produces 445,000 university graduates every year. All of these, bear exceptional skills set, speak fluent English, and thrive to learn more every day. They are reputed to be hardworking, professional, prompt, and efficient individuals. A Virtual Professional from Pakistan can be the Jarvis to your Iron Man.

​Pakistan is a country endowed with tremendous talent and a place where the Virtual Professional market is untapped. The Information Technology sector is also one of the fastest growing sectors of the country that has doubled in the past four years. It has a strong educational focus, which makes the youth motivated to apply their specialized skills to the success of your company and gives them an edge over other developing countries. More than 50 of the Fortune 500 companies for example, IBM, Microsoft, HP, J.P Morgan and many more have already made the move to Pakistan because of the wide talent pool that it possesses.

English Proficiency

English Proficiency

English being the official language makes it easier to communicate.



Pakistanis have the ability to handle multiple tasks while still maintaining quality.



The youth of Pakistan have a 4-year bachelor’s degree and even master’s degrees from prestigious universities.



They never shy away from an opportunity which makes them bring out their best.


Quality of Work

If there is one thing Pakistanis know, it’s doing top notch work.

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Using their technological expertise, Pakistanis are capable of providing solutions to a wide array of problems.

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