The Get Savvy Podcast with Ammun Khan

September 28, 2022

Ammun Khan is a Virtual Professional currently working as an Executive Assistant to the President & Managing Partner of Savvital – she handles all things Troy Thompson & Monica Adwani. On a typical day, Ammun checks both Troy’s and Monica’s…

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The Get Savvy Podcast with Amenah Fawad

September 23, 2022

Ameenah Fawad is a virtual professional currently working for Pinnacle Insurance of Minnesota. She is a valuable part of the Pinnacle Insurance team and her daily tasks are an integral part of the agency’s mission. Ameenah mainly focuses on: Taking…

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The Get Savvy Podcast featuring Heath Shearon

The Get Savvy Podcast-Heath The Mayor Shearon Integrating Virtual Professionals

September 16, 2022

On today’s ‘The Get Savvy’ podcast, we have with us ‘The Mayor’ Heath Shearon. Heath Shearon was dubbed ‘The Mayor’ by his colleagues because he would frequently speak or be involved in conferences and seem to know everyone. So when…

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The Get Savvy Podcast featuring David R. Carothers

Get Savvy With David R. Carothers -The Process Behind Proving An Idea

September 1, 2022

The Principal at Florida Risk Partners, International Best-Selling Author of ‘The Extra 2 Minutes’ and ‘The Dirty 130’, and a Partner at Savvital, David R. Carothers is an absolute genius, to say the least. David Carothers has over 20 Years…

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The Get Savvy Podcast featuring April Goodin

Get Savvy with April Goodin: Virtual Assistance in the world of Insurance

August 23, 2022

Insurance sector veteran with over 28 years of experience and the COO of the Big I- Minnesota; April Goodin, possesses leadership skills that are truly extraordinary. April enlightens us on her journey which she started with the PIA in 1989,…

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Male employee using laptop while on a call

Exceeding in Insurance : The Virtual Professionals of Savvital

August 16, 2022

Virtual Professionals (VPs) are highly skilled independent professionals who provide diverse services like technical and administrative skills, creativity, bookkeeping, event and task management, and marketing. They provide services to clients and employees typically from a remote location. With a remarkably…

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directional road signs about insurance and risk


August 4, 2022

Who are these Virtual Professionals that you keep hearing so much about? Virtual Professionals (VPs) are highly skilled independent professionals who provide diverse services like technical, administrative, creative, bookkeeping, event and task management, and marketing. They provide all these services…

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The Get Savvy Podcadst featuring banner Kelly Donahue-Piro

Britanny Bergum: A Proven Sales Processes for your Insurance Agency

August 1, 2022

Get Savvy has welcomed a special guest for today’s podcast, her name is Brittany Bergum. Brittany is a well-known local agent in south-central Wisconsin. Her personal journey is embedded with terrific lessons for personal and career growth. At the age…

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A customer service agent on a call

What is the importance of hiring Virtual Assistants with diverse backgrounds?

March 28, 2022

Diversity of any kind is an integral factor in deciding a company’s growth and success. Diversity refers to including people belonging to different cultural, social or ethnic backgrounds, as well as not discriminating anyone on the basis of gender. As…

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Why Pakistan? What makes Pakistan stand out in the BPO Industry?

November 1, 2021

In the era of rapid globalization and technological revolution; the importance of countries playing a role in global economy can hardly be overemphasized. The world today has significantly expanded and meaningfully come together. The service industry accounts for the largest…

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