Is a Virtual Professional Right For My Insurance Agency?

Screenshots from a Zoom meeting

The terminology of an assistant has spun upon its head in only one year, the year where the pandemic hit and people with physical files and trunk loads of work had nowhere to hide. The world realized that “work from home” is a true commodity available to mankind but never exercised. A similar story followed…

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How Savvital Is Making The Insurance Industry More Systematized?

Open office interiors

In this era of constant change especially when it comes to information technology and communication across borders, this is a cause to ponder over and to fully encompass the scope of these resources, we must delve deep within the extent to which we can utilize them to the best of our abilities. Thus enters Savvital a…

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Insurance Industry

Office employees at work

A year ago, none of us could have anticipated a life in which hosting barbecue nights for friends would classify as a public offense and possibly translate to jail time. The COVID-19 crisis towards the beginning of 2020 shifted global dynamics in an almost animated manner, threatening more than just lives. While it continues to…

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